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Terms for Sale for Import Business


  Once you have established that your supplier is a reliable company and you have decided to go with them, there is bound to be some discussions and negotiations with your seller regarding the terms of sale, payment terms, credit terms etc etc.. For your own peace of mind it …

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Ground Freight?


WHAT IS GROUND FREIGHT? Ground freight is a cheap shipping method and is generally used to transport large items that are not time-sensitive. Ground freight shipping requires an average transit time of three to 10 days, depending on the pickup and delivery locations. If your shipment requires overnight, high speed …

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What is Container Freight?


WHAT IS CONTAINER FREIGHT? Containers are used for domestic and international shipments. Domestic container shipping uses a combination of rail and truck, while international containers are typically moved by ship and truck. HOW DO YOU SHIP CONTAINER FREIGHT? Container freight often entails more than one form of conveyance, making it a tall order …

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  FREIGHT HANDLING (OPTIONAL) FIRSTMILE SERVICE—WITH FirstMile service your freight will be picked up and packaged, then delivered to its destination. All the work will be done for you! FINAL (LAST) MILE—Final Mile is the delivery of the freight to its end customer, but with additional steps in between. This …

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A FREIGHT BROKERAGE CAN SAVE A SHIPPER A LOT OF MONEY An established freight broker  maintains relationships with a network of dependable carrier companies. A freight broker has the ability to service individual needs of a one-time or occasional shipper that a carrier can’t take the time to address on …

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1-dollar BAF emergency in shipping?


Following the announcement on May 30, Hapag Lloyd has issued a revised sheet now not including the 0 and 1 dollar EBS. Instead they have launched a worldwide 55 USD/TEU Operations Cost Recovery (OCR) Surcharge] Today Hapag-Lloyd also announced the introduction of an emergency bunker surcharge (EBS). Just looking at …

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Freight Industry Technological Revolutions


If you work in logistics, there’s a good chance that your company, and even your position, will look very different in a few years. That’s because the technology that makes our jobs possible is improving so fast that we’re still struggling to catch up! The window of time in which …

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Security Warehouse and Logistics Management Solutions are starting to use internet and cloud computing to transmit of data. This system and the corresponding software are able to prevent cyber-attacks much more effectively. Security in the freight industry is changing, and individual components are being constantly monitored for vulnerabilities. Cyber threats …

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Connected Applications


Connected Applications The freight industry requires a reliable and efficient means of transmitting data, and this is crucial for logistics. Technological advances will enable numerous applications to communicate with each other in intra- and inter-business scenarios and B2C and B2B. Although EDI has been used as communication for a long …

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Cloud Based Solutions


Cloud Based Solutions The freight industry will see major advancements as the capacity of the private fleets becomes more readily available. Freight companies will be able to immediately reposition any empty containers without expensive IT infrastructure investments. This will be possible by deploying pay-per-use services on the cloud. The combination …

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