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Cloud Based Solutions


Cloud Based Solutions The freight industry will see major advancements as the capacity of the private fleets becomes more readily available. Freight companies will be able to immediately reposition any empty containers without expensive IT infrastructure investments. This will be possible by deploying pay-per-use services on the cloud. The combination …

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Efficiency Cloud technology promotes greater integration of different systems and platforms to share data. The accessibility of up to date information allows collaborative planning across multiple departments. Using data to identify business units that need increased support enables managers to reallocate resources accordingly. This leads to increased productivity and faster …

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Cloud Technology : Collaboration


Collaboration By connecting all trading partners in the supply chain through single and centralised SCM software, greater collaboration becomes much easier. Geo-analytics can also be used to enable a business to monitor and plan their delivery networks. This type of information drives intelligent logistical decision-making, enabling the most appropriate transport …

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Cloud Technology software solutions for supply chain management


Cloud Technology is Changing the Face of Supply Chain Management Due to the rise in availability of on-demand software solutions for supply chain management, the use of cloud-based solutions is becoming more prevalent. These new cloud technologies are enabling efficiency breakthroughs and providing managers with complete end-to-end supply chain visibility and control. …

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