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Full Container Load (FCL) Contd:- Container Sizes


Container Sizes The bulk of shipments are commercial goods, and the system of moving standardized, stackable steel boxes around the world has flourished thanks to the creation of International ISO standards. These ‘intermodal’ bulk containers can be conveyed by ‘ Ships Semi-trailers pulled by trucks Trains The most popular sizes …

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Air Freight Options


Air freight is very much the premium end of the cargo business. It is used mainly for urgent and high-value items. Manufacturers use it for receiving ‘just in time’ components, and for distributing new products in high demand at their launch. There are restrictions on the weight and size of the …

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1-dollar BAF emergency in shipping?


Following the announcement on May 30, Hapag Lloyd has issued a revised sheet now not including the 0 and 1 dollar EBS. Instead they have launched a worldwide 55 USD/TEU Operations Cost Recovery (OCR) Surcharge] Today Hapag-Lloyd also announced the introduction of an emergency bunker surcharge (EBS). Just looking at …

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Freight Industry Technological Revolutions


If you work in logistics, there’s a good chance that your company, and even your position, will look very different in a few years. That’s because the technology that makes our jobs possible is improving so fast that we’re still struggling to catch up! The window of time in which …

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Security Warehouse and Logistics Management Solutions are starting to use internet and cloud computing to transmit of data. This system and the corresponding software are able to prevent cyber-attacks much more effectively. Security in the freight industry is changing, and individual components are being constantly monitored for vulnerabilities. Cyber threats …

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Cloud Technology Scalability


Scalability When a business evolves, it is likely that its computer systems will need to evolve with it. Cloud technology provides a business with the ability to quickly scale up or down and seamlessly integrate with your existing software systems. So, your business is ready to go wherever you are.

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