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Thursday , May 24 2018
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The Internet of Things (IoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT) The first trend we cover is commonly referred to as IoT, or the Internet of Things. Although this technology is still fragmented, it is already on course to shake up the freight shipping industry. The type of technology IoT uses is comprised of a database, a …

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Reuse Packing Materials to save Money


  It’s easy to save and reuse bubble wrap, packing peanuts, air pillows, and any other sort of packing materials It’s important to make sure the items are packed carefully so they’ll survive the trip. Boxes and label sleeves that they promise will make sure the packages are appropriately handled

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sound experience and competent planning


No Physical boundaries to start  small freight forwarding businesses With the professional service of international logistics service providers, billions of pounds of freight are transported across the world every day. A freight forwarding company  should have the following  points: Supply Chain Management Network That Understands the Business On-time Delivery Meaningful …

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How to Start a Small Freight Business


  By starting a small freight business,  can capitalize on the needs of shipping companies and distributors without the huge amounts of overhead that larger companies have. Opening an own small freight company requires meeting all the state business requirements. As a small freight company, much of the  business will …

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Timeline is very important to Hire a Professional Freight Forwarding Business A professional freight forwarding company won’t just provide  with a good price, but also a firm deadline for when a shipment will arrive at its final destination. While other logistics companies have to struggle to find reliable carriers, to …

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