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Loading Time and Renting Options for FCL


Loading Time and Renting Options for FCL If you opt for a Live Load, the container is brought to you and you have 2 or 3 hours to load and secure the consignment before an hourly surcharge kicks in. Less stressful is the Drop and Pack service where the container …

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Container Stuffing Options


Container Stuffing Options You can elect to have an empty container dropped off at your premises. Be ready to load soon to avoid extra charges. You will be responsible for the condition of the packing so ensure that it is well done. For overseas shipments you may require special ‘export …

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The FCL process


The FCL process As with most shipping, you have options. These can be summarized as – Door to Door Door to Port Port to Door Port to Port The choice will depend on cost, your level of preparedness for loading the shipment, and the arrangements you have with your consignee at …

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Clean on Board, Shipped on Board Meanings


  Clean on Board, Shipped on Board  & Received for Shipment bill of lading are essentially the same..   A Received for shipment bill of lading is confirming that the carrier has “received” the containers at their container yard for loading onto a specific ship or voyage.. This DOES NOT …

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Terms for Sale for Import Business


  Once you have established that your supplier is a reliable company and you have decided to go with them, there is bound to be some discussions and negotiations with your seller regarding the terms of sale, payment terms, credit terms etc etc.. For your own peace of mind it …

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